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A Different Type of Ranking System
Centre Court uses Tennis Engine for standings and rankings for its Men's Singles League and other leagues, ladders and programs. The Tennis Engine is an internet-based player ranking system for tennis clubs and organizations.?The program is ongoing and the TennisEngine program posts match scotes and calculates player rankings and standings. The online standings are updated every time a match is entered. 
Player Access, Privacy and Security 
Only registered members of the league have access to the information on Tennis Engine. When you register for the league or program, you are emailed a UserID and password with more details and instructions. The League Administrator will add and delete players and enter match scores. Information including e-mail addresses and phone numbers are secure and we ask players to maintain confidentiality and privacy by not sharing personal information wirth others outside the league.
You Will Get Hooked Using It
Players are not required to use Tennis Engine, but those who do will enjoy some great features. Any player can go online to get an update on other matches played. Since the rankings are continually updated, players get instant feedback on how the latest matches have affected the rankings! Players may also strategize online over player profiles, stats, and match histories. Names and phone numbers for players in the league and program are available to set up additional matches or contact other players. 




It's not based upon just wins and losses.
The Tennis Engine computes player rankings based upon a proprietary algorithm that evaluates every match played for the life of the league or conference. The system is designed to rank each player based upon a combination of performance (derived from match results) and activity (how many matches played and against whom).
The magic formula behind your rankings.
When a new match is entered, the Tennis Engine adjusts your ranking based on the following factors:
  • Current match win or loss
  • Current match performance (% of games won)
  • The strength of each of your past opponents
  • Your overall match winning percentage
  • Your overall game winning percentage


Furthermore, the ranking of every player who has played you or your opponent will be affected by the outcome of your match. Winning or losing a close match with a highly rated player could boost your ranking, whereas a close match with a lower rated player could reduce your ranking. Decisive wins over lower rated players could be less rewarding than close wins over higher rated players. Confused? Simply put... winning matters the most, but after that it's all about whom you play and how close you play them.

The rankings are based on each player's current Index value (i.e. the third ranked player has the third highest Index). Each player's Index is a combination of his Strength Rating and the number of wins. Each player's Strength Rating is viewable in his player profile.


What is my Strength Rating?
Your Strength Rating (SR) is the measure of your ability to:
  • win matches against the field of participants
  • win a high percentage of games in all matches
  • perform well against higher rated players


Your Strength Rating will improve with more matches won and a better percentage of games won. The strength (SR) of the opponents you play is also factored into the calculation (Each player's SR is located inside his profile along with other information).

Your SR will fluctuate as other participants compete. It might rise as players whom you have defeated accumulate wins over other players. Inversely, your SR might dip if players who have beaten you suffer losses.