Women's SNEITA League




Women's Interclub teams start again in late September 2021.
Centre Court is accepting players for our women’s teams to play in the SNEITA League (Southeastern New England Interclub Tennis Association) for the 2021/2022 season.  We have three 3.0 teams, and a 3.5 team. Players must be above the age of 18, and no longer in high school to compete. Each weekly team match includes four doubles matches and one singles match.  Our 3.0 and 4.0-4.5 teams were league champions. Join us today. 
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Play around your schedule.
We have set up the teams to make it as flexible and convenient as possible for you. You do not need to commit to matches every week. Let your captain know your availability in advance, and schedule your matches based on when you can play.


Pay as you play. 
You do not need to commit to matches every week. There are no up-front league fee, team fee or membership fee. Players pay $18 per match only when they play. We hope to have a large roster that will allow everyone flexibility but at the same time, players who want to play regularly the opportunity to do so on one or two teams.


Competitive but friendly. Very friendly.
These are competitive teams and competitive matches, but at Centre Court, you will enjoy the camaraderie and team spirit that each team provides. We carefully select the right captain to lead your team. Teamwork and positive experiences do not just happen. We spend a great deal of time ensuring everyone feels welcome, supports each other through both wins and losses, ups and downs. Whether you have played a lot or just a little, at the end of the season, you will be playing at a higher level, have made some lasting memories and developed some great friendships. 



Matches, Standings and Play-offs.
All matches will last 1½ hours with a 10 minute warm-up period (including serves). Regular scoring is in effect with a 9 point tie-breaker to be played at 6-6. The standings are a little different than USTA and other leagues. Each set won is worth 1 point. Maximum points per position is 3 points. Points will be accumulated throughout the season. Play-offs for each level are played at the end of the season. Players have to play in at least 4 matches in order to represent their team in the playoffs.
Convenient daytime matches. 
The season runs from September 2021 through May 2022. All matches are on Fridays during
the day, primarily at 12:00 Noon but may also be scheduled in the mornings. . All matches will last 1½ hours. Half of the matches are at home at Centre Court and away matches are at tennis clubs in the greater RI area, including Fore Court (Cumberland), Rally Point (Smithfield), Tennis RI - East Bay (East Providence), Tennis RI - West Bay (Warwick), Dartmouth (North Dartmouth MA), Adirondack (Franklin MA), and Lakeville (Lakeville MA).
Use your current rating or we will rate you if you need one. 
If you have played USTA, you must use your current USTA rating to start the season. When year-end ratings are set in December, players may then use the higher rating if their rating has increased, but are not required to do so. Players may not use the lower rating if their rating is decreased. Dont worry! If you do not have a USTA rating, we will be happy to arrange to have you rated by one of our Tennis Pros at Centre Court. USTA Early Start ratings may NOT be used.
Play on one team or two.
Players can play for two teams provided the teams are at different levels (ex. 2.5 and 3.0). Some players may elect to play on two different level teams . . . one at their rating level and the other at one level up. However, all teams are REQUIRED at each match to field a minimum of 4 out of the 9 players with the appropriate level. The top team must be in level, but the remaining 3 teams may be mixed in order to include players at a lower level. 




We accepting players for 2021-2022.
For more information or to register for a team, call us at Centre Court at (401) 437-1210 or e-mail v.centrecourt@gmail.com.


Check here for the latest team standings.
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4.0 - 4.5 Ladies Doubles Standings
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We will try to keep everyone posted and up-to-date on teams, schedules, match results, standings and much more.